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What brand is it?… What kind is it?…

What is the name brand?…

They are in fact One In The Same!

Here’s a little industry secret: There are only 7 MANUFACTURES of Furnace and Air Conditioning equipment, all of which are then labeled with well over 120 BRAND NAMES. The 7 manufacturers make all the outside cabinets and the internal heat exchangers (the main components) on Furnaces. For Air Conditioners, the 7 manufactures make the outside cabinets and nothing else. All the other parts are made by third party vendors for BRAND NAMES. When you buy a Brand Name Furnace or Air Conditioner, are simply being OVERCHARGED for a bigger name, since all the main components are exactly the same across all the brands.

At Tiger Air, our goal is to provide you with the best possible system to meet your heating and cooling needs at the lowest possible price, regardless of BRAND NAME!