• We will come to your home and diagnose your problem.
  • We will provide with an estimate before we do any work
  • Up Front Pricing meaning you will know all costs before any work is completed.
  • Never any overtime charges.

No Overtime Charges

Day or Night or Weekends there are never any overtime charges. We are open 7 days a week. Our prices are always the same. Our professional Heating, Air Conditioning Technicians will be more than happy to help you.

Up Front Pricing

You will know how much your repair cost is before any work is done. There are never any hidden or extra charges. We will come to your home and diagnose your problem and let you know the cost before any work is performed.

Clean Cut, Friendly and Skilled Technicians

We have a great team of knowledgeable technicians from our office to provide you with the best service. They are trained in the latest technology for all your heating, air conditioning and plumbing services.

A real person answers our phones

No answering machines or voice mail. We know how important your service situation is and you need service now. You will be speaking with a knowledgeable person right here in who will put you in touch with the technician coming to your home. We offer same day service.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Repair North Olmsted Oh

Tiger Air Heating and Air Conditioning has been repairing, installing and maintaining furnaces and air conditioning systems in North Olmsted OH since 1984.

Call us now at: 440-871-4633 or check what your neighbors are saying about us in North Olmsted OH.

$37 Service Call 440-871-4633

North Olmsted, Oh Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC size bigger or smaller…

If your air conditioning system is undersized than it will not cool your home and run all the time. Most people say they want a bigger air conditioning system and that the one they have now doesn’t do the job. If the air conditioning system is oversized then it will not remove the humidity from your North Olmsted home and it will feel to cold and clammy and it will run your electric bill up also. So this is not the answer the air conditioning system needs to be sized to your home by the square footage, type of insulation and windows and which way your home is facing to name a few. If your furnace is undersized it will not heat your home. If your furnace is oversized your home will get real hot and then cold and feel uncomfortable and run your gas bill up. So there is no one size fits all, it is all custom to each different home in North Olmsted. This requires a trained professional and if you need a North Olmsted HVAC technician to come to your home just call us anytime.

Heating and Air Conditioning must have right Ductwork…

You can have the best heating and air conditioning system in your North Olmsted home and it still won’t do what it is designed to do and get what you paid for if the ductwork is not properly designed for your HVAC ststem. This is a common problem where people purchase a new heating and air conditioning system and forget about the ductwork and lose efficiency. Your ductwork is equally important as the heating and air conditioning system itself.

North Olmsted Services:

Low $37 Service Call

  • Heating Furnace Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Service and Repairs
  • Humidifiers
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Indoor Air Systems
  • Air Cleaners

You can reach your North Olmsted heating repair and air conditioning repair HVAC contractor at 440-871-4633


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Tiger Air Heating and Air Conditioning has been in business 30 years and we service homeowners exclusively in all aspects of Heating and Air Conditioning and Plumbing repairs, service and installations. We will deliver knowledge and polite service in getting your problem fixed the first time