• We will come to your home and diagnose your problem.
  • We will provide with an estimate before we do any work
  • Up Front Pricing meaning you will know all costs before any work is completed.
  • Never any overtime charges

No Overtime Charges

Day or Night or Weekends there are never any overtime charges. We are open 7 days a week. Our prices are always the same. Our professional Heating, Air Conditioning Technicians will be more than happy to help you.

Up Front Pricing

You will know how much your repair cost is before any work is done. There are never any hidden or extra charges. We will come to your home and diagnose your problem and let you know the cost before any work is performed.

Clean Cut, Friendly and Skilled Technicians

We have a great team of knowledgeable technicians from our office to provide you with the best service. They are trained in the latest technology for all your heating, air conditioning and plumbing services.

A real person answers our phones

No answering machines or voice mail. We know how important your service situation is and you need service now. You will be speaking with a knowledgeable person right here in who will put you in touch with the technician coming to your home. We offer same day service.

Leaking Pipes

Water Leaks Repaired Fast

Water Leaks. They can go unnoticed for weeks or months, or be constant problems around the house. A recommended way to check if you have a leak in your home is to turn all your water off in the home and then look at your water meter and if it is moving you have a leak. Constant running water or dripping can cause a lot of damage and mold resulting in expensive plumbing repairs. Leaks can also lead to inside pipe or faucet or toilet corrosion over time, resulting in serious damage to your home plumbing system. If you notice water dripping from your faucet or pipes, don’t delay in calling Tiger Plumbing!

Leak Detection Specialists

We are trained and use the latest technology in water leak detection. We use sonar technology and are able to locate leaks in walls and in concrete floors. If your pipes are corroded and in need of replacement we have professional re-piping solutions including copper and PEX plastic alternatives.

Loud or Banging Pipes

If your plumbing pipes make loud noises or bang when you run your water we can return your plumbing system to quiet mode. We can install air de-pressuring devices and this will also help your fixtures to operate at the right pressure.

Have the Proper Water Pressure

If you have noticed that you have low water pressure or if you have high water pressure which will damage your plumbing fixtures. You may need your water inlet pressure regulator adjusted or replaced.

Water Quality Problems

If you have noticed water discoloration, foul odor or a bad taste we can do a professional water test and diagnosis. We can provide water treatment solutions so you can drink clean safe water and will also protect your plumbing fixtures.


Tiger Air Heating and Air Conditioning has been in business 30 years and we service homeowners exclusively in all aspects of Heating and Air Conditioning and Plumbing repairs, service and installations. We will deliver knowledge and polite service in getting your problem fixed the first time