All Furnace and Air Conditioning Tune Ups are NOT Equal!

The average Heating and Air Conditioning technician is in your home performing a simple check up and mild cleaning of your equipment, and is completed in under 20 minutes. Do you know what was actually done and what you are paying for?

At Tiger Air are System Rejuvenation and Tune Ups are the best in the industry, we do far more service and give you documentation to PROVE IT!

$59 FURNACE Maintenance and Tune Up

  • Air wash system controls and burners with air compressor.
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Remove blower and air wash.
  • Calibrate burners and adjust for proper burn.
  • Perform a gas combustion analysis to improve your equipment efficiency and lower your gas bills.
  • Check ducts for proper air flow.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Check all safety controls.
  • Measure and record proper draft.
  • Check and adjust thermostat.
  • Measure and record amperage draw of blowers.
  • Check and secure all electrical connections.
  • Take digital photos of process for quality control.

AIR CONDITIONER Rejuvenation and Tune Up

  • Measure and record Freon levels.
  • Measure and record temperature drop at indoor coil.
  • Measure and record amperage of all motors.
  • Check outside contactor.
  • Check all capacitors.
  • Check and secure all electrical connections.
  • Clean condensate drain.
  • Power wash outside condenser we do not use caustic chemicals.
  • Check ducts for leakage and air flow.
  • Take digital photos of process for quality control.

Join the HOME SMART CLUB and Never Pay for another service call again

For $99, less than the cost of two tune ups you get:

  • Two tune ups per year one for the Furnace and one for the Air Conditioning system.
  • FREE service calls, anytime you call us to come out there will never be a service call fee.
  • 10% discount on any repairs.
  • Priority service you get moved to the top of the list, you are a preferred client.
  • Two years parts and labor warranty on repairs, this is DOUBLE are standard warranty.


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